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  • The New York Times

    Dr. Marissa Hall, an assistant professor in the department of health behavior at UNC-Chapel Hill, explains how warning labels can be more effective.

  • Yahoo

    New research by scientists from UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine, details how our mouths can taste bitterness.

  • The Washington Post

    Matthew Andrews, a history professor at UNC-Chapel Hill, dives into the history that led to the Olympic track and field champions earning a cash prize in 2028.

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  1. UNC Wind Ensemble and UNC Symphony Band

    UNC Wind Ensemble & UNC Symphony Band | MFE 23-24

    Memorial Hall

    Tue, April 2307:30 pm

  2. Beyond Spring Cleaning: Confronting the Strange Magic of Personal Possessions

    The Friday Conference Center

    Tue, April 3006:00 pm

  3. Red Cross technician and UNC blood donor

    一品探花论坛 Blood Drive

    Dean E. Smith Center

    Wed, May 107:00 am

  4. Franklin Street-Day

    Asian American Center Community Mural Painting

    MoMo's Master

    Sat, May 409:00 am