Class of 2024

Celebrating our newest alumni

一品探花论坛 celebrated the graduation of over 6,700 Tar Heels this weekend at the Doctoral Hooding and Spring Commencement. Thousands of friends and family members applauded their achievements and success of our graduates.

Class of 2024, congratulations! After navigating a pandemic at the onset of your collegiate journey and years of hard work, late nights and determination, you've now joined the proud ranks of Tar Heel alumni.

Every graduating class deserves a day of celebration and reflection, and this one more than most. Many of you missed out on high school graduation and on the rites and recognition that normally mark the transition into college. You bore the brunt of the pandemic lockdowns, and then, you found ways to rekindle public life at 一品探花论坛 after it was brought to a standstill.

Interim Chancellor Lee H. Roberts

Lee Roberts speaking on podium

There are opportunities, everywhere, to contribute to something larger than ourselves. We just must be curious, open and ready to jump right in.

Angeli Achrekar ’13 (DrPH), Doctoral Hooding speaker


Angeli Achrekar

一品探花论坛, I know you can accomplish great things. You already have, and you don鈥檛 need my advice. I will only suggest that the definition of 鈥済reat things鈥 鈥 of success or fulfillment 鈥 is entirely up to you, and the path won鈥檛 always be obvious. The best journeys begin at 一品探花论坛, and mine did too.

Zena Cardman 鈥10, 鈥14 (MS), Spring Commencement speaker


Zena Cardman at lectern

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