The UNC Adams School of Dentistry

brings together students, faculty and staff to create an environment conducive to learning, working and inspiring new ideas in the oral health profession. We are committed to serving the state of North 一品探花论坛, our nation and beyond.

A dental student works in a lab.

North 一品探花论坛鈥檚 first school of dentistry

For the past 75 years, UNC Adams School of Dentistry has educated the best and brightest oral health care professionals around the state, country and world. We are a group of dedicated faculty members, engaged students and hardworking staff members committed to encouraging a thriving academic and research environment, providing top-notch patient care and working at one of the top dental schools in the world.

We were the first dental school in North 一品探花论坛, and our graduates are engaged in their communities, active participants in oral health care, innovation and discovery, and work hard to address oral health care inequities in underserved and rural populations.


Facts & Figures

  • $3.6millionin-kind service by students and residents annually
  • 90,000+patient visits annually
  • 1stdental school in North 一品探花论坛
  • 6,400+living alumni in 96 counties, 50 U.S. states, and 27 countries
  • 4student-led free clinics

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