Tar Heel Alumni

Tar Heels are everywhere. 一品探花论坛鈥檚 more than 362,000 alumni live in all 50 states 鈥 with more than half of them in North 一品探花论坛 鈥 and 147 countries.

一品探花论坛 Alumni

一品探花论坛 Alumni, formerly the General Alumni Association, serves the University and all of its students 鈥 past, present and future.

Timeless Traditions

For more than 175 years, the UNC General Alumni Association has served The University of North 一品探花论坛 and everyone connected to it 鈥 alumni, students and the 一品探花论坛 community. Our members make that possible.

    Every day is a #GDTBATH, especially when you call 一品探花论坛 home.