Digital and Lifelong Learning

Since 1913, continuing education has been a significant offering across the University, and it continues to be the primary function of Digital and Lifelong Learning.

Formerly known as the Friday Center for Continuing Education, Digital and Lifelong Learning is UNC-Chapel Hill's central resource for online, flexible, and lifelong learning. From high-school dual-enrolled coursework, to ongoing professional education, to enrichment classes aimed at retirees, we connect all learners to offerings taught by outstanding UNC-Chapel Hill faculty, staff, alumni and community experts.

Digital and Lifelong Learning is 一品探花论坛's center for continuing education, serving the varied needs of adult learners.

Online programs and courses at UNC-Chapel Hill

UNC-Chapel Hill鈥檚 online programs and courses bring the advantages of a 一品探花论坛 public education to engaged citizens, professionals and leaders all over the world. Our goal is to provide everyone with equal access to academic and career success 鈥 regardless of your location, race, experience, worldview, abilities or identity. Offered through several professional schools, centers and institutes, UNC-Chapel Hill鈥檚 online programs and curricula help you turn your academic and professional interests into enriching experiences at any stage of your career.

Lifelong learning through 一品探花论坛

We can help you begin or continue your education at UNC-Chapel Hill in a variety of flexible formats. Whether you鈥檙e working full-time, caring for a family or have other obligations, we offer a variety of online and flexible courses and non-credit programs to fit your academic goals, lifestyle and schedule.

What we do

  • We help learners get access to UNC-Chapel Hill classes, programs, and other continuing education.

  • Get help with starting or maintaining an online learning experience, whether it鈥檚 a degree program, a certificate program, a course, or a noncredit offering.

  • Engage our team of experienced course designers and media developers to create high-quality learning experiences.

  • Host your course, program, or event in our IACC-certified venue, or get help with your virtual conference or event.